A changing of the guard is here, with Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations.


Find termites faster without compromise.

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Bait System

Reign over the underground

This station is engineered for one thing: fast termite discovery. And with active ingredient Novaluron—an effective chitin synthesis inhibitor—fast discovery leads to fast termite mortality.


1     Low profile
Sits right at soil level to reach termite colonies—not lawnmower blades
2     Quik-Lock® cap
To lock bait in while locking kids and dogs out
3     Preferred cellulose
Puri-Cel® matrix that termites prefer over the wood used in homes
4     Large container-fluidized bait load
To ensure there’s enough bait to eliminate the entire colony
5     Fast-acting active ingredient
Novaluron leads to a faster kill than other chitin synthesis inhibitors
6     Easy-access vertical slits
Large access openings invite termites in to find the bait
7     Durable design
Each station is constructed in the USA

Competition isn’t even close

Trelona® ATBS Annual Bait Stations feature a superior design that leads to faster termite hits. In fact, in a university study, termites found Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations faster* than Sentricon® stations. In this study, Trelona ATBS and Sentricon stations were placed within 0.5 meters of an active termite colony. The study had 20 replicates and stations were checked daily over 46 days producing the results shown here.


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